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​Willow Oak Advisory is unable to provide any services to residents/citizens of the United States, Japan, South Korea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Myanmar, Yemen, or any other restricted country due sanctions or regulations imposed that may not be mentioned in this list. You must be at least 18 years old and legally eligible to participate in any offering from Willow Oak as well as any additional local laws of the country you reside in and any global bank sanctions. Willow Oak Advisory is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. In accordance with the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000, Willow Oak Advisory does not provide any financial or investment advice. Willow Oak Advisory does not handle any deposits or client funds.

Updated Quarterly. Last Update Q3 2018
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Minimum Investment
Average Monthly Return
Base Currency
Aggregate Drawdown
Legal Structure
Managed Account
Hard Stop Loss Set At
13% Max Basket
Baskets Traded
Launch Date
January 2013
Audited By
Accounts Audited Since
February 2017
Back History
Historical Performance
2018 Performance
Win/Loss Performance
VaR 95%

0.15% max VaR

0% min VaR

FXSTAT defines 'Risk' as the maximum a portfolio or a holding may lose in one day with a confidence of 95%. So for example, if the risk of a portfolio is set at 0.15%, then we can say with 95% confidence that the portfolio will not lose more than 0.15% of its capital on any given day.

The portfolio trades in accordance with two distinct strategies designed to complement one another during differing market conditions, allowing us to capitalise, regardless of the current climate. The first strategy is built around a trending market, while the second is designed around a sideways-moving market.

Strategy One

Strategy One is a portfolio that uses typical technical entries incorporating a variety of popular technical analysis indicators. It uses a boxed hedging approach to add reverse positions if the initial trade moves into a losing position. 

The increase in position and size strategically controls the risk, which the basket of trades will look to close once the market moves enough to develop the combined trading basket of long and short positions into a profit. If the market is flat and there is little change in the position in terms of risk or reward, or if the market moves outside of a specific range, either up or down, the stacked and hedged basket will create profit and all trades will close simultaneously. The trading is controlled by specific risk and trade management calculations to establish the boxed hedging start positions. 

The strategy handles the orders using a numerical trading style, with the objective of closing the basket once in profit. This system is traded via an in-house proprietary algorithm with human oversight.

Strategy Two

Strategy Two is a portfolio that utilises a range of technical indicators to identify both overbought and oversold market positions for which a retrace is expected within a short period of time.

Trading only the big three currencies – USD, EUR and GBP – this strategy enters the market very rarely, looking for opportunities where the market is favourable for retraces. As such, this strategy avoids large news events and looks to take advantage of the quieter moments when the market ebbs and flows. 

These trades average a holding time within the market of 37m per trade and aim to close as soon as possible. This has been developed from a proven in-house ‘scraping’ model that has been modified in such a way so as to entail less risk to ensure margin protection for Strategy One. 

This strategy is traded manually at entry and automatically at all times thereafter due to there being both technical and fundamental conditions that determine market entry and exit points.

Asset Allocation
Trade Population (%)

From an investor’s point of view, defining risk can sometimes be a black hole that offers nothing tangible until the worst happens, by which point it’s too late. Because of this, the Trinity has a defined risk and volatility mandate that the fund adheres to so that all investors know exactly what the downside potential is and can then calculate whether the risk embodied in the fund is acceptable to their appetites or not.

The Trinity risk mandate is set against each currency pair that is traded, the highest of which is set at 13%. This means that the largest single hit that can occur within the portfolio is 13% of the total balance.

This has been derived from over six years of both forward and back testing to see how our system works and where the upper limits have been. The highest was 12% on a single pair before retracing into profit, which is why we added 1% to prevent that from occurring. The fund trades 10 different currency pairs in total, all considered major currencies; below is a breakdown of each currency pair’s risk allocation and stop loss value, expressed as a percentage, both for system 1 and system 2.

Strategy One
Strategy Two

Total Trades


Profit Factor


Average Profit

0.01 pips

Profit Trades

1719 (79.18%)

Recovery Factor


Average Loss

-0.05 pips

Loss Trades

451 (20.77%)

Sharpe Ratio


Expected Payoff

0.02 pips

Long Trades

Short Trades


Correlation w/ S%P 500


Total Lots per mio



Correlation w/ FTSE 100


Win/Loss %


Calmer Ratio


Average Trade Duration


Unlike many hedge funds and mutual funds, the Trinity does not charge its investors any entry, exit or annual management fees and puts itself on the same side of the table as the investor, only charging a  performance fee based upon results.

The traditional 20 and 2 model for most funds is built on the fact that even if the fund underperforms, the bills still need to be paid by the fund manager, and as such, ensures that the investors pay up regardless. We don’t believe that this model puts its investors first and as such, the Trinity only charges its
investors a performance fee, calculated monthly against the high watermark. This ensures that everything we do is performance-driven and aligns our interests with those of our investors.

Performance Fee Structure

The higher the Assets Under Management (AUM), the lower the performance fee.

Between 250,000 - 500,000 AUM

Between 500,000 - 1,000,000 AUM


1,000,000 AUM

Primus Global Ltd (FXPrimus)
CySEC 261/14
Primary Regulatory Licence
FCA - United Kingdom
BaFin - Germany
CNMV - Spain
HFSA - Hungary
CONSOB - Italy
FSA - Norway
KNF - Poland
CSSF - Luxembourg
MiFID Compliant
Secondary Registrations
+357 252 62084

FXPrimus offers one of the most secure online trading environments in the industry. Their additional safety measures
have seen them positioned as the frontrunner in responsible trading, and they are now setting new standards in safety amongst their counterparts in the industry.

FXPrimus is fully regulated and registered in over 20 different jurisdictions, including the United Kingdom and Germany. In addition to this, they have partnered with the Boudica Client Trust to introduce third-party monitoring of client withdrawals. This ensures that withdrawal requests are executed as quickly and efficiently as possible. And as if that wasn’t enough, every client account invested in the Trinity FX X with FXPrimus is insured with up to €2.5 million or currency equivalent with Lloyd’s of London, in case the worst was to happen. For more information, please visit their site at www.fxprimus.com for more information.

The Trinity FX X has employed the services of various brokers over the years, and to date, FXPrimus not only offers the best trading conditions but also client servicing and protection, which are important to both us and our investors.

Alternative Brokers

As many investors in the Trinity are separately managed from the main Fund, we do have the capacity to trade at alternative brokers if you so desire.


Before commencing, we would have to conduct due diligence on your preferred broker and run backtesting to ensure the correct conditions are met. Please speak with us for further information.

Please download the Prospectus and FactSheet for more information.

If you would like to speak with us regarding any aspect of The Trinity FX X, or would like to know about the application process, please fill in the form below and a Portfolio Manager will be in touch.