Willow Oak Advisory Appoints Its New CIO

This week we can announce that we have appointed a new Chief Investment Officer to Willow Oak Advisory, Timothy F Jones.

Tim joins Willow Oak from the world of academia where he teaches mathematics and statistics. Tim's background in statistical analytics, brings a new dimension of insight into the Ubique fund, its risk management profile and any future developments. He will work along side the CEO, Kemble Nagan, ensuring the fund is robust and future-proof.

Along with Tim's appointment comes a new US office, based out of Asheville, North Carolina. All contact details are available on our contact page. Tim will also feature on the award winning Podcast, How To Start A Hedge Fund, where he will be giving his insights and fielding questions from our listeners.

On behalf of everyone here at Willow Oak, we wish Tim the best of luck as he joins us at a very exciting time!