Ubique | February 2020 Update

What a trying month February turned out to be with the single biggest daily decline in the Dow 30 on the back of Corona fears.

This being said, as a portfolio, Ubique has been out of market since July 2019 with our research suggesting that gold is the smarter bet of the two. Along side that, we were short technolgies during Feb which resulted in a nice end of month rally to the short side for us.

As a whole, February locked in a gain of 3.12% bringing our YtD to just shy of 6%. So far, so good....

There is a long way to go and with the Fed cutting interest rates in the first week of March and the threat of Corona only getting larger 2020 is sure to be as messy, unpredicatble and hectic as the rest of them.

If you would like to know more about the Ubique Portfolio or its individual constituents, please get in touch or explore our website further, where all information is posted.

Until next month, swing easy.