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Broadcasting Award for Willow Oak

Our popular Podcast series on the trials and tribulations of creating a fund from scratch, which after just 16 episodes has over ten thousand listeners has just been named the 10th best podcast in the hedge fund space by FeedSpot.

The award looks at all publicly available podcasts in this space and the top 25 are announced on their website each year.

Chief Executive and Founder Kemble V. Nagan noted, "It's great to receive this kind of external recognition, as no one is doing anything like this and we have no real feedback inputs as to its value to the wider community."

The full list can be found on the website, or by clicking the link below

FeedSpot Website

You can find our Podcast, How to Start A Hedge Fund, on Spotify, iTunes or wherever you you download your podcasts, or by streaming directly from our website.

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