Willow Oak Advisory is the culmination of over a decade of trading and strategy development, bringing together years of experience focusing on Trend Following and Seasonal trading.

Willow Oak Advisory was founded on the principle of using mathematics and quantitative reasoning to help uncover market inefficiencies and to forecast the probability distribution of future outcomes. Once an observable and quantifiable market phenomenon has been identified, we look to develop and execute strategies which can exploit this and generate Alpha.

Founded in 2013 by CEO Kemble V. Nagan, Willow Oak has focused its approach towards trend following and seasonal investing. Willow Oak Advisory’s long-term goals are geared around being impactive where it can, both environmentally and socially.





Kemble’s investment background lies heavily in the commodity and currency space, having traded these instruments for over a decade. Having learnt from the failures of both himself and others, and wanting to move away form the short term, actively trading approach, and spent over two years developing the Ubique fund and the strategies contained therein.

The net result is a product which is geared towards long term wealth creation using proven methodologies and controlled risk management.




Tim's background and expertise lies in mathematics, and in particular predictive modelling. Having spent many years working in academia, Tim began to apply these models to the currency markets.


Since then, he has gone on to design and implement multiple quantitatively driven strategies as well as implementing a range of quant metrics to help better remove psychological influences from risk management profiles.

Investment Philosophy

Willow Oak Advisory and the Ubique Fund specialise in trend following and seasonal investment strategies. Established in 2013 as a private fund before going public in 2015, its mission was simple – To outperform all market benchmarks using a systematic, quantitatively driven approach which can mitigate psychological and other unstable, short term influences. We are proud of both the excellent returns and controlled risk management our fund has demonstrated through our rigorous testing. Perfection is a moving target which is never fully realised, and we are always assessing and looking at ways to improve our process to ensure we are operating at maximum efficiency. Our approach to fund management differs somewhat from the main, as we believe the traditional model is not only outdated, but is obsolete for todays market mechanics and demands from investors. As such, we have turned the tables to give the investor more control, from how we generate our fee’s to the liquidity and availability of funds and redemptions.

Our Vision

Our vision for success includes a working relationship between the fund manager and the investor. We feel it is important that investors share our long-term goals and can understand the decision making process we go through. As such, we do not believe in the ‘black box’ principle of how we come to the decisions we do, but rather explain our process so everyone is on the same page. The net result of this, is a partnership between the two entities which allows for growth and expansion of ideas and understanding. We want our investors to join us on this journey as we look to expand into new areas.



As an organisation which is 100% capitalist by its very nature, we feel it is important to support and give back to the world around us, to keep us grounded and to appreciate the world we live in. Each year we select a charity, where 10% of our net profits will be donated to along with any fund raising activities we may endeavour upon.


Over the years we have supported charities all over the globe from India to Portugal, usually with some connection to the company or its employees and partners and we look forward to being able to grow this foundation further over the coming years. 




Each month, we record an episode of our Podcast as we attempt to create an Investment Fund from scratch. We articulate the trials and tribulations, successes and failures as we document the journey from inception onwards.

In addition, we answer listener questions about the fund, us, and investing in general. You can download and listen to the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts, and can be streamed directly using the link below.